Facts & Sources

The following are some of the facts presented in the film, and their sources:

4.7 million Iraqis were displaced by the Iraq War.
Source: UNHCR, Refugees International

By 2010, only nine percent of the displaced have returned.
Source: Refugees International (426,000/4,700,000=0.091)

This is one of the most severe refugee crises in history.
Source: The Nation

Forty percent of Iraq's middle class has fled to neighboring Syria and Jordan.
Source: UNHCRSan Francisco Chronicle

Syria: 1.5 - 2 million Iraqi refugees
Jordan: 750,000+ Iraqi refugees
Source: The New York Times, CounterPunch, UK Guardian

Instead of rebuilding their country, these refugees remain idle, legally unable to work.
Source:  Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch

Without them, Iraq still lacks reliable electricity, water, sanitation, and health care.
Source: International Committee of the Red Cross,
 “Iraq: No Let Up in the Humanitarian Crisis”

The US has committed to admitting a total of 50,000 Iraqi refugees by 2011.*
*By the start of FY 2011, which begins 10/1/10.
Source: Human Rights First, Reuters

If this target is met, the United States will have accepted just 1% of the total Iraqi displaced.
Source: 50000/4274000=0.0117. 
(4274000 = 4700000 displaced - 426000 returnees)

Britain accepted just 5 Iraqi refugees in 2008, and committed to accepting only 500 in 2009.
Source: Minority Rights Group International, The UK Guardian

Between 2003 and 2007, Syria granted most Iraqis renewable three-month tourist visas.

Since October 2007, Syria has been turning back most refugees at the Iraq-Syria border.

Today, there are half as many health care workers in Iraq as there were in 2000.
Source: Refugees InternationalThe Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children

Before 2003, approximately 60,000 Mandeans lived in Iraq. Less than 5,000 remain there today.
Source: The New York Times

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